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METADOSE003 - ReturnCodeZero

To celebrate the release of @ReturnCodeZero's debut album launch, Memory Programme, we have a fresh instalment of our METADOSE series. This exploratory mix was recorded as a hybrid set using Ableton Live and good old fashioned records.

Listen here or here.

Richard Devine - Microscopium Recurse ReturnCodeZero - WTF2 (Demo/WIP) Richard Devine - Oustrue Go Hiyama - Vortex And Scales & Horns ReturnCodeZero - LA92_FTP (Unreleased) ReturnCodeZero - On The Merry Go Round (Unreleased) Female - Backlash (FeMale edit) 65D Mavericks - Convert 65D Mavericks - Compulsion The 15 Dead Minutes - Enter Malum Roy Of The Ravers - Acid Shenanigans Funkstörung - Punk Motherfucker (Richard Devine’s Acid Rev Remix) Roy Of The Ravers - Roys Revenge ReturnCodeZero - Deep Scan (Demo/WIP) Squarepusher - Problem Child ReturnCodeZero - Blood Money (Demo/WIP) E25 Corporate - Non compatible (Xanopticon Remix) Andy C & Ant Miles - Truly One remix (Origin Unknown Remix) ReturnCodeZero - Gin & Tronik -(Demo/WIP) Exillon - DTOFV3 & Cdatakill - Evil Personified (Etschaberry Remix) Venetian Snares - Aanguish

- Grab ReturnCodeZero's album: - Find ReturnCodeZero on Instagram: - See Mixcloud for other instalments of the METADOSE series.

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