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GMETA009 - Jacob - Time Trials

Jacob Voorhees is back! The dystopian future-sounding, unstoppable acid swamp monster from Ibiza keeps delivering bangers to stimulate minds and dancefloors alike. Each release of his is an evolution in ideas and concepts but with an unmistakable feel that is Jacob’s. No one trick wonders will grace Grey Meta, and this new EP is an example of that. Precise yet stumbling shuffle-grooves, each bar that trips over its last beat into dreamy bells and 303's, accompanied by an ever so pleasing crunchy distortion, every now and again switching tempos and mutating 'genre', to eternally keep you guessing what's coming next. It's like a hazy fever dream of your favourite sounds, sculpted together in an inexplicably fluid form. Truly refreshing. Time Trials is available on Bandcamp and nearly everywhere else now.

Weeb Destroyer

Jacob is capable of initially sounding like accessible modern Metlaheadz-type moody-science drum and bass, but then, in the classiest of manners, adds a metric shit ton more layers than most 'accessible' artists would dare to. Subtle acid lines layered perfectly over reeses make them sound like they were fused together at the forehead. Cheeky, dark and utterly involving.

Don't Get Mad

Crunchy snare triplets galore, silky smooth tempo changes, a moody bass house switch up and then an ever so subtle gabber kick hijacking. All washed over with cheeky noodling acid and glitched-out edits. There are so many separate vibes in this track but it flows seamlessly. Maximal crunchy ass-swinging rudeness.


Bocaj is Jacob's brother that can only move through life in reverse. Moonwalking to Londis every day is his perpetual living nightmare. Bocaj is a nightmare walking. This is Jacob's tribute to his Bizarro brother. It's a moody, but energetic, playful breakbeat rinser that's reeses and hooks are guaranteed to evoke the aggiest of gun fingers. As with every track on this ep, there is a doomy soundscape throughout that is joyfully unsettling.

This record is just so damn interesting whilst keeping dancefloor energy throughout. We wonder where he's gonna evolve to next time. Get involved and show some love for the ever-formidable Jacob Reese Mod.

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