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GMETA010 - Algorithmic - Play it Last EP

Algorithmic has been referred to as a "real DJ's DJ" and rightly so. He is one of those producers that if you've been a legit junglist over the past couple of decades, you'll know exactly who he is and how he sounds. One of those "if you know... you know", types of artist. With certified titans of the scene giving him rotation, if you don't know who he is, then you better get to work digging through those digital and vinyl crates. Bombastic amen assaults with unrivalled party energy await.

The opening track, Catch a Contact is a straight-up hip hop sampling hostile beat down. Imagine being precision punched above the nose with either a drum beat or saturated bass stab in quick succession. Don't be fooled by the use of aggressive metaphors here, it's not a breakcore, nor dark side DnB track, it's just perfectly agro party-jungle.

Busta Domes follows up with a much more flowing feel that is hard to not get lost in, grooving about with a windy ole neck. It hints at subtle juke and footwork flavours, but not enough so you would take it out of the 'big vibey jungle' section in the record shop. The rapid array of rhythm switch-ups and masterful edits keep you on your toes but give you enough space to loosen up into a groove. We predict Pump Action may end up being the "people's A-side" by the time summer gets here. Lush, classic jungle pads open it up and lead you gradually into a raving-whirling-dervish. Sirens, a 4/4 sub kick hardcore section, female vocal gates and ragga samples might all sound like trope overload, but not how he uses them. His expertise in his own style and energy is as always, completely refreshing.

There aren't enough Algorithmic records or recorded DJ sets but god damn will we try and put out as many as we can because people just want more.... with their jaw on the floor!

GMETA010 marks the beginning of a new visual chapter. Shaun AZRAK has been working on a new methodology which sees him pushing the boundaries of physical materials and dimensions to create these breathtaking pieces, each of them, as ever, a response to and inspired by the release in question.

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