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GMETA007 - The Anti-Imperialism Schism - Ukraine Fundraiser

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

We have come together as an extended family of artists to show support for people with an imperialist's foot on their throat. The Anti-Imperialism Schism was compiled at pace, upon the invasion of Ukraine. All proceeds from this collection will go to supporting humanitarian efforts in both Ukraine and Yemen.

We accept there are many other places facing repression but these people are, at the time of release, facing the most intense onslaught. You’ll know about Ukraine from the Zeitgeist. But, did you know, thanks to 8 years of war in Yemen there are an estimated 24,000,00 people in need of assistance, 100,000 people killed since 2015 and 4,000,0000 displaced people?

War is despicable. We see what the war machine of imperialism does and we throw the deepest scorn at Putin and his government for their ongoing assault on the people in Ukraine and the Saudi Monarchy for their continued bombardment of Yemen. But we equally despise the provocative and uncompromising actions of the US government for their steering of NATO which was catalytic in the Ukraine war and for their kowtowing to the Saudi Monarchy on the war in Yemen. And yes, we see the complicity of the UK, French and Iranian governments, and the rest of the industrial-military complex. And don't worry Israeli government, you get a notable mention, but we are trying to stay on topic.

The more we read, the less we know, but the duplicitous power-grabbing fuckery by all the imperialists is clear. It isn't simple, nor black and white, but the deathly oppression via aerial bombardment of non-combatants is simply unacceptable. To the imperialists and oppressors, their puppets, their funders and their shareholders: Get bent.

We won't fight in the wars of governments. We see strength in anti-war thinking and action. Observing live invasion and war profoundly challenges this philosophical position though, especially as we want to send strength and respect to those forced to fight oppressive invaders to

defend their lives and homes. If you think we are a bunch of peace-loving hippies and you wish to donate to support the Ukrainian military defence, because people need to stand up to bullies, you can here… . You are not wrong. It is complicated.

We hope our music can help a little. The best people to decide how to spend the money we raise are on the ground in the Ukraine and Yemen. As such, all funds from this release will go to and, 50/50 split.

Thank you for supporting The Anti-imperialism Schism. Solidarity through kick drums. x

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