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METADOSE003 - Jacob

To celebrate the release of Jacobs's Fear and Loathing in a Quaint Balearic Village, we have a fresh installment of our METADOSE series from the man himself. 🐍

METADOSE003 is advised to be washed down with a glugbox full of fizzy jive juice...on the rocks!

Find it on SoundCloud (download enabled), Mixcloud and YouTube.

Tracklist: Jacob - Macy

Karsten Pflum - Earthday

Technoist - British Murda, Boii

Ghost in the machine - Bells of Steel

KTRM - Dismissed (FR.TWAN)

Cassegraom - Trappist (The Mover remix)

Special Request - Redrum

Jacob - Damaging Panels

Humb - 4 Friends

Jacob - Sunstroke

Jacob - Dal

Hermeth - So

Jacob - Jamon Y queso

Jacob - Harvest

William Onyeabor - When the going is smooth and good

Artwork condured by our visual alchemist Shaun Gillon

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