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GMETA012 - Anorak - Formula

Anorak, everyone's favourite acid aficionado drops his second Grey Meta release, Formula. The theme is !spoiler alert! acid, and his belief that there simply are not enough modern acid tracks. We tend to agree, and yes, everyone needs (and or loves) a 303, but is this reliance on a classic holding back the philosophy? Anorak's soon-to-be patented unique method of pH meddling incorporates a range of advanced hipster eurorack techniques, some of which take influence and hardware from the Jupiter-6, a 1980s analogue polysynth. 

This EP takes aim at classic acid jungle callback tropes, whilst melding his love for brain dance, brutally clinical highly-produced dnb and his obsession with acid. The result is three dancefloor-ready, tight, snappy, uber-fidgety kick n' snare skip rhythms - all glued together with warm but powerfully wonky reese bass lines. 

Let's face it, he sounds like no one else and every time he finishes a new record you know he has raised his own benchmark. His raw talent is wild, and his work ethic in the studio is assiduous (aciduous anyone?!?!), as demonstrated by every new EP he drops. Long live the Anorak. May he continue melting our noggins long beyond the forthcoming planetary collapse.

Artwork by Shaun AZRAK

Mastered by Seppa

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