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GMETA008 - MacheeeN Boi - Wired Weird

A mild-mannered misfit and founding member of Grey Meta, MacheeeN Boi, has eaten the cookie cutter and regurgitated it into a monkey wrench which he has thrown straight at the side of your head, like an unexpected iron football, clobbering you in the face, as you walk through the playground in winter. Jon very rarely is satisfied enough to put forward a single track for release, let alone 3 as a full EP! This record is grimey and murky but boy is it also vibey! Harnessing his obsession with modular synthesis, this release shows he has found a process which is truly his. It has the grit and dirge to compliment some the subbiest of techno bangers with a busy and bright high-end to boot. This is a fun yet serious, hard yet interesting, techno release, and one that we're proud to put forward for you guys to soak up like a brutalist sponge.

On the release, Jon said "after years of striving to find a methodology that sates my appetite for clangor and texture, I have finally landed on something close to where I am aiming. These three tracks represent a long-held vision of stochastic impulses tempered at the edges into something that scratches my itch for reasoned irrationality, tamed chaos and seething rawness. Yeah - I just said that about my own music. Check me out. It is just some bangers."

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