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GMETA005 - Jacob - Belgian Wagons

Just when you thought you knew what Jacob was about, he goes and decides to drive a train right through your grandma's front door. His new EP, 'Belgian Wagons' is a homage to explosions of colour, the taste of paint and the omnipresent potential chase.

Consider the first track, 'Dal', featured in this video, as that initial explosion of colour. It's hard not to imagine Mike P's influence on first listen. His DNA cropping up quite a lot these days but in this case, imagine him candy flipping and stumbling into one of Bob Moog's *secret kaleidoscope factories. The thought of Mike P candy flipping, alone, has to grab your attention, surely? ...but falling head first into one of Bob's infamous psychedelic stealth operations. I mean c'mon, don't tell us that you're not intrigued?! The track itself is rich in warmth, contrast and hue but also has a real playfulness to it's groove. It is a genuine mood lifter.

Now, 'Damaging Panels' is that taste of paint clinging, not only to your tongue but to the unsuspecting trains, ready to transport the masses to their perceived freedoms. Sinister reese basslines, golden era electro rhythms and claves, butchered in a not so 'golden era' style. This all builds a piece that cries out in desperation for sweet relief, which does eventually land after much repeated pleading, oh so elegantly. Call and response just got redefined.

...and finally, we've been sitting on 'Jamon Y Queso' for a couple of years, waiting for the right time to drop it. With clubs opening up again, genres getting up to speed, and after it being recently road-tested by a couple of us, we can confirm that this weighty, dense, broken, glitched-out, industrial techno banger is ready to see daylight. Though it may swallow such daylight... and we're actually fine with that, on this occasion. This is the omnipresent potential chase. Get ready. RUN.

* Bob Moog never had any secret kaleidoscope factories.

Artwork by @shaun.azrak

Mastered by @seppamusic

Available exclusively on Bandcamp this week, everywhere else soon.

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