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GMETA004 - Anorak - Morphic EP

The year was 2021. In the deepest depths of a global pandemic, breakbeat science took a sinister and some might say deviant path. The being that they called Anorak started conducting experiments to determine the reactivity of breakbeats when bathed in the most ion dense, low pH solutions known to man. After years of impetuous exploration, this new batch of experiments revealed something no one dared even consider, that the maximum limit of exposure to acid that breakbeats had been previously exposed to, and had been generally accepted as scientific consensus, just wasn't enough. More could be achieved and a new measurement scale may well be needed. Anorak's experiments, which we are proud to present to you, have been submitted to the World Health Organisation as a potential cure for empty dancefloors. It is theorised, if the results of these experiments are played, even at relatively low levels dancefloors may start forming. In the name of academic rigour, the experiments and equations were inspected by our Chief Scientific Advisor, Seppa, who added his secret mastering sauce for extra bang and categorically concluded that everything we feared was, in fact, worse than we had imagined. For the sake of your loved ones, open with care. Scientifically proven bangers, born as quadruplets during a pandemic, for your listening pleasure, right now. What a time to be alive.

The artwork, by Shaun Azrak, is a photograph of the risograph print we have for sale as part of this release. Risograph printing is renowned for being more environmentally sustainable than conventional printing techniques whilst producing eye-meltingly vivid colours that can not be replicated digitally. Consider buying one of these 50 prints that demonstrate music merging with visual art in the physical realm. Prints are 297 mm x 420 mm.

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