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Today we have released Memory Programme, the debut album from Manchester (UK) based ReturnCodeZero. We invite you to revel in this ethereal glimmer of light by putting this on your biggest speakers, lighting the Netflix log fire, cranking up the radiators, placing that Hoffman tab you’ve been saving since the muddy Glade Festival on your tongue, hugging your pillow and drifting off grinning whilst bathing in this epically lush opus.

You can download the opening track 'Blank Out' for free. And if that isn't enough, we have updated our free sample bank with some of the most succulent slices of sound design from Memory Programme.

Greg, ReturnCodeZero will be dropping a METADOSE mix this week and doing a live album launch stream of on Friday evening 7.00-9.00pm GMT. Get involved and treat your ears.

Artwork by our ever evolving vision wrangler - Shaun Gillon.

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